Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Is this a joke?

I feel like I'm paying good money to be the victim of a practical joke. Online dating may work for some people... but apparently I'm not one of them.

Honestly, this service that I have paid to "match my compatibility with others" seems to think this guy is my soul mate. Um, yeah. I'll settle for being the crazy cat lady... and I don't even have a cat.


Abby said...

i don't know what your problem is. i think he's hot with a capital H. as in HAIR. oooh, all that sexy hair.

Common Place said...

Sara! What are you thinking? You are seriously going to pass on this fine piece of meat. He is everything you could want. Obviously confident and creative. He must have money if he's paying for an internet dating service. And with all that chest hair he is sure to keep you warm. I say give the poor sap a chance.

Miss Sara said...

I remember one time Collin asked me if I liked guys with chest hair... When I saw this picture that convo popped into my head and I just started laughing. While I don't mind chest hair AT ALL (and I personally think it can be incredibly sexy if done right), the kind of chest hair that requires product and looks like it has been dyed to match the hair on your head is a BIT MUCH for me.
Although, I am feeling guilty for putting this pic up. Poor guy, its not his fault that he has Farrah Fascet hair on his chest...or that I don't find it attractive.