Saturday, December 20, 2008

Never a Dull Moment

My house is full of boys. Matt (Owen's friend) has moved in and his two buddies are here for the week. There are suitcases and bags all over the place, food is disappearing at rapid rates, the TV and/or radio is always on and they are always involved in something borderline irreverant.

Right now we are watching the BYU/Arizona football game. I am folding laundry and they are all piled on the couch looking at craigslist. They are making fun of things and at any given time they will all errupt in laughter and all sorts of other chaos. It is actually quite amusing.

Check this out.... and YES, this is four of them all on the same couch. haha.


Jim Family said...

oh my. you can come spend the night at my house any time you want. ha

becky said...

I bet your house got stinky too. :)