Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Super Sara!

I am a super hero. You may not know it. But I am.

When I was a younger my Poppa was a volunteer Fireman. At night he would hang his fire department shirts on the dresser so if he had to wake up and run out the door to a call it would be easy for him to grab.

Last night I worked at LifeFlight. We transported quite a few people who had been involved in motor vehicle crashes during the night. We saved lives. It's the job.

This morning I got off work and traveled home on snow covered roads. Cars were in ditches and the snow was coming down hard. Luckily one of my super powers is knowing how to drive in snow. I was fine.

I got home and stumbled into bed. I was warm and toasty and then my phone started ringing. It was Mom. On the other end I heard, "Are you in Provo? I ran out of gas. Can you come help? Please?"

I got out of bed and pulled on my boots. I searched for a coat but they were all out in the car. Brrr!! So I slipped on the only coat in my room, my LifeFlight coat. It reminded me of when Poppa would have his fire department shirt ready for emergencies...

I trudged down the hallway in my pajama pants, Ugg boots and LifeFlight coat.

I opened the door and my car had already been covered in four inches of snow. Great. (note to self: threaten Owen with his life if he dosen't clean up the garage so I can start parking in it again.)

I start my car, grab a gas can, get some gas and start off to rescue Mom. Poor thing... she's sitting on the side of an already treacherous road with a rookie cop behind her with his lights on. I park in a nearby parking lot, jump out with my trusty gas can and go to the rescue.

The cop was nice enough, but flustered... calm down buddy, this isn't an emergency. Things are fine. I get mom about a gallon of gas (enough to get her up to school to finish a few finals today) and then walk back to my car.

Apparently another one of my super powers is to not get gas on myself, even though it was dripping all over the place.

I got back home, stripped off my snowy clothes and crawled back into my still warm bed.

Then I let another super power take over me. I crashed. I slept for eight hours. I didn't even wake up through three text messages and four missed calls. Now THAT is a super power I can be grateful for.

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becky said...

I got your christmas card today and saw your blog on it. my blog is theweavs-becky.blogspot.com if you are interested. Amy has one too and it is on my links. It sounds like you are a super hero. I bet your mom thought you were.