Friday, December 5, 2008

If the shoe fits... and if it dosen't, change it a bit until it does - it will probably be cuter anyways.

I had the 12 o'clock news on today and they showed brief coverage of Elder Worthlin's funeral. They mentioned it was being shown on channel 105 in it's entirety, I switched channels... I wonder how many other people did as well. That might have not been such a good idea for their rankings...
Now I'm sitting here with hymns filling my home, a sweet spirit filling every nook and crany (that was recently inspected by a man doing an energy audit). The house is still a mess and there are still dishes piled on the counter, but it feels peaceful and lovely.
As many of you know I've struggled with this whole church thing lately. I've felt like it didn't really have a place in it for a girl like me... but I've tried to really examine that lately, and while I'm still trying to find my place in it I have decided that there is definately a place in me for it.
The more I read the scriptures the more I see the acceptance of individuality and the loving of originality. I feel that many of that gets ignored, forgotten or overlooked. Our Heavenly Father is one that loves each of us individually, for our little quirks, our little differences; that includes how differently we need to develop and learn, what paths we take and how we get there. I'm learning that... and that is a good thing, because without it I wouldn't fit with all of this.
For now I'm grateful for relearning and reestablishing a relationship with my Heavenly Father a litle bit every day. I'm grateful for the little ways that the spirit finds its way into my life. I'm grateful for the peace I can find with it. Most importantly, I'm grateful that I've realized that regardless of how I find a way to make it fit... it still will fit.


Zannah said...

You know that I completely understand how you feel on this, and I'm glad we've both hit an "it's ok to be both LDS and ME at the same time" point, which to be honest, can be awfully hard in Utah and/or Provo.

Glad to know your haven is feeling peaceful - that's how it's always made me feel.

Common Place said...

I agree with the other commenter. It is an amazing point when you can be YOU and LDS at the same time. I'm happy your there. Now teach everyone else in utah to do the same:)