Sunday, December 14, 2008

Still a Stubborn Little Girl

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Sara. Her mom got her a very cute purple ruffles sweat outfit to go to preschool. One morning Sara's mom tried to get her to wear the sweatoutfit, but Sara was disgusted and didn't want to have anything to do with such an awful ensemble. Sara's mom forced her to wear and it and drove her to preschool, crying the whole way.

Soon after Sara got to preschool she went to the bathroom and then told her teacher that she had wet her pants. Sara knew that by telling this little fib that she would get to pick a pair of pants out of the basket to wear for the rest of the day, the preschool was used to these types of small emergencies.

When Sara's Mom picked her up Sara was wearing the top from the purple ruffles outfit and brown cordoroy pants that hit her above the ankle. Sara's mom was disgusted, but promptly learned that she would NEVER be able to make her darling little daughter do something she didn't want to do...

Up until today I don't think I have EVER worn purple ruffles since that day at preschool. However, the other night Hope and I went shopping and she practically held a gun to my head until I bought this dress.... I wore it to church today and I must admit that it is quite cute.

When I was putting clothes away in my closet I realized that I didnt' own a single item of clothing that was purple, let alone with ruffles!! After the other night I now have this dress, another purple shirt with ruffles and another shirt that is a dark purple.

I have expanded my wardrobe to once again include purple ruffles. They definately aren't a sweatsuit... but they are pretty cute. I am enjoy wearing them this time, but I have also decided ON MY OWN that I wanted to wear them. haha.

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