Thursday, December 11, 2008

Presenting: Gingerbread Houses

Last Sunday we went to the station and made some gingerbread houses with Poppa. We had a great time. Tuff, Wint, Momma and Poppa made one for their house and Emily and Owen made one for ours. I should have gotten myself a kit as well... I love doing gingerbread houses and realize now that I am picky and precise about how mine is made... Now I know. Next year I'll get myself my own little kit... that way I can put a little gum drop fence around it and decorate the top with lots of "snow."
Hope and Trey were the gingerbread men, tree and snowmen specialists. Great work.
Owen and Emily were very precise and artistic.

Poppa was very good at it, great icing control. Look at this cute little gingerbread guy!! This was Poppa's "special stylish hat."
Winter did a great job finishing her gingerbread house, even though the family kept eating all of her candy. haha. (shame on you Momma! haha)
Finished... don't they look proud!
And for an artistic touch...

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Jim Family said...

oh so fun. invite me next time.