Tuesday, December 2, 2008

IKEA -- all that can be said is WOW

I had the privilage of introducing Abby and Jake to IKEA the other day. They asked me if I had 'ever been.' I responded with a face that said, "not only have I been, but I have fallen in love, binged and realized I should NEVER go there again.... unless I put myself on a short leash.

I seriously love this place, its like my personal playground. I once told SneakAttack that it would be no problem for me to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars at IKEA. He asked me if I really meant to say "thousands," I assured him I meant "HUNDREDS of thousands." If you don't understand that statement than you need to go to IKEA, you'll understand after you walk through the place just once.

I convinced them to pawn off the kids and we went with only Beau in tow. As soon as we pulled up I heard the first "WOW!!!" I gave them the grand tour, took them upstairs, saw all the layouts, walked through the kids land, went downstairs through the market place.... I just kept hearing "WOOWWW! Look at this!!! WOW!! Oh WOW!!!" I just giggled... they got it... this place is amazing.

We did find the one thing we came for (a train set for Paul's Christmas) and I escaped with only a wok (only $8.47 thankyou!! That is amazing!).

We did find a great hat for Beau... He left it on long enough for pictures, that's it.


Abby said...

it was amazing. i agree with you on the HUNDREDS part. we better be rich when we grow up.

Jim Family said...

i heart ikea