Sunday, August 30, 2009

Living the Family Life

Here I sit... checking email while my man sleeps on one couch, the baby girl on the other...

We recently finished a rather delicious pasta meal. I was tickled when the baby girl devoured it and Sam said, "I like this. A lot."

Before that was laundry, and the baby girl wanted to get in the hottub. At 10 am.

Before that, the baby girl requested we get up and make eggs for breakfast.

Before that, Sam and I woke up to our baby girl sitting between us in bed eating from a bag of doritos...... Time to get up.


Today I'm enjoying being home together. Doing the domestic things, cooking, cleaning, brushing little girls hair, kissing my man when I pass by him....

Last night we went to a concert and left the baby girl here with Winter, our trusty (and luckily related) babysitter. It was a first for me.... leaving a baby at home, calling/texting to check in, cutting our date short because she was still awake at home and we wanted to be there, making sure we still had enough cash to pay the babysitter, giving the directions on what to eat/bedtimes/snacks/activities/no visitors/etc as we left.... I'm living the life of a parent now, and honestly..... I'M LOVING IT.

I love how comfortable and RIGHT it all feels when we are together. I love when she tells me she loves me. I love when she wants ME to lay with her and read books. I love seeing what an incredibly father Sam is. I love the look on Sam's face when he sees his girls curled up and engrossed in some activity, together. I love us being here, all of us. Sam, Me, the Baby Girl... and of course, the dogs.

p.s. A queen size bed will NEVER be big enough.


Angie said...

What the heck? When did you have a baby? Have I really been absent that long???

I feel out of the loop... just a little.

Miss Sara said...

Hey Angie, not out of the loop.... she's my boyfriends daughter. :) But I'm feeling mighty possessive of her already.
She's a doll!!! Miss you!