Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving = FALL CLEANING?!?!?!

Thanksgiving - noon - The entertainment center is in the middle of the living room - Owen is covered in dust - I still haven't showered - boxes are in the hallway.

I don't know how it happened, but Thanksgiving day turned into Fall cleaning.
Actually, I can tell you how it happened... Matt arrived Wednesday evening to stay for the weekend. However, he also brought pretty much everything with his for when he officially moves in the middle of December.

I thought, he needs some room for his things in the bathroom, which turned into completely cleaning out and going through the entire bathroom. Owen had to clean out part of his room to bring in Matt's bed, which lead to having to find room for all of Owen's things; some were boxed up, some were relocated to other rooms in the house.

Owen decided to bring the xbox into the living room, which meant everything had to be reorganized, which means the entertainment center was disassembled and in the middle of the living room at noon on Thanksgiving.

One thing led to another and just now (yes, at almost 2 pm on Friday) I am getting to the point where I feel like I am almost done cleaning the rest of the house... then I just need to take care of MY room. I still need to sweep and mop the floors, the bathroom floor/mirrors/sink needs to be cleaned and I am still working on the mountain of laundry... but I'm getting close.

The boys have been up snowboarding all day. They did what they could last night to help get the house settled, but then again they also did set up a snowboard waxing station in the middle of the living room as well. Tonight after they get back (and we get done with Hope's birthday dinner) we are going to put up Christmas decorations... they don't know that yet, and they will probably hate me for it... but we are doing it.

So there ya have it, Fall cleaning happened on Thanksgiving day. Trust me, I don't plan on making this a tradition.... but I'm excited for the house to be clean - and it's amazing to me how well we have been able to fit Matt in. Good thing he didn't bring too much stuff with him....

His personality is fun to have around. He brings A LOT of energy with him, but he also brought a pan of his Mom's apple dumplings... so we'll deal with it. haha.

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