Monday, November 17, 2008

I love my Heavenly Father by making pig nose faces during my Primary Presentation

Yesterday I had the privilage of watching my nephew, Paul, in his first primary program. He stood up there on the stand and was front and center. He kept looking over at all of us, so very proud to be there. We waved, and he waved. We gave him the thumbs up, and he gave us the thumbs up.
It was fun to see his personality, such an individual for such a little man!
At one point he was singing along with everyone else and looked over to see me mouthing the words and helping little Beau (his 1 year old little bro) wave his arms as if he was conducting the music. Paul burst out laughing, tipped his head back and covered his mouth with both hands. Quite a clown! After a few facial expressions encouraging him to continue singing he joined back in the rest of the primary....
It is always fun to hear the kids recite their parts of the program, some mumble, some laugh, some are really loud and some you can hardly hear.
Yesterday I noticed that we do a great job of brainwashing our primary kids. One class was asked to answer how they can show their love for Heavenly Father. Their prewritten responses were "I can show my Heavenly Father that I love him by cleaning my room and listening to my mother." "I can show my Heavenly Father that I love him by obeying my parents and helping with my brothers and sisters." "I can show my Heavenly Father I love him by doing what is right." Yes kids, that is right.... listen to your parents. That is ALL you need to know! haha.
In all seriousness tho, it was fun to hear the singing and listen to all the cute voices. Primary programs are a good break from the normal sacrament talks.
Besides, being able to watch Paul wave and sing was great. My favorite part was when I looked up at him and he was giving us his "pig nose and blood eyes" face.

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