Monday, November 24, 2008

Music - It Moves The Soul

So, I'm a sucker for music.... but its not a one sided love affair, it seems to like me an awful lot too. I seem to be really lucky when it comes to having music around at the right times and finding music that I really enjoy. This week seems to be more full of it than normal and I'm loving it.

First and foremost, the COLDPLAY CONCERT WAS AWESOME. We had good seats and the whole thing was a great show. The opening band was decent, the next act was interesting and intriguing. It wasn't a band at all, but a DJ that mixed live to a crazy wacked out animation. It lasted for 35 min, no joke. It was crazy, I couldn't tear my eyes away from it. But there were a few times that my head felt like it was going to explode. SneakAttack loved it... go figure, it was animation. Here is a link to a short clip:
The actual concert was mindblowing. Seriously, these guys sound incredible live. They are fantastically entertaining and their set/stage/lighting/etc is always great. SteakAttack isn't much of a dancer, but I think I grooved enough for the two of us. ColdPlay music just has a way of digging down into my core, it gets me...
Here is one of my favorite newer songs from them. "Lost!" This was filmed during this tour, so this is what the stage and things looked like.... absolutely awesome.

On top of the Coldplay concert, I also found another wonderful song that I fell for that day. Before the concert I was relaxing while SneakAttack was doing homework and he had music playing. At one point I woke up and thought "this song is so cute, so peaceful...." and I must have fallen back asleep. I told him about it last night and he was sweet enough to ask questions and figure out what song I was talking about. So, here it is folks.... enjoy.
"405" (Acoustic version) by Death Cab for Cutie

On Sunday I found a Sacrament Meeting up here in Salt Lake to drop in on. It was a pleasant little ward with a lot of old people. I don't think I saw a single teenager there and the High Priests blessed and passed sacrament. During the meeting there was a musical number. Apparently there is a composer who lives in the ward and he did an arrangement of "thanksgiving hymns." A woman performed this on the violin while he accompanied on the piano. To say it was absolutely gorgeous is a serious understatement. The spirit was strong from the very first touch of the piano and it carried through the entire piece. I loved feeling the passion of the song and the delicate ways it touched my heart. I sat there that day and felt as if I had recieved a gift, that it was sent just for me.... If I could I would listen to it a million time over and over.

This morning I got home from work and only had a few short hours to actually sleep in my bed before my alarm would go off and I had to head back up to Salt Lake. I haven't been home in days (although I'm not complaining AT ALL) and when my alarm went off I felt like I had hardly slept. I lay in bed for a minute and listened to the country music while I tried to pursuade myself to get out of bed. I always have my alarm set to country, country music warms my soul.... so if my alarm ever has to go off I would prefer it be country. ANYWAYS, I laid there and all the sudden I heard the first couple notes of MY SONG - The song I have loved from the moment I heard it, the song that is on just about every single playlist on my iPod, the song that makes me smile contently everytime I hear it.... Again, a little gift saying "Sara, I know you are tired sweetheart, but go ahead and get up... it will all be ok." So I laid there, listened... then got out of bed and started my day.... Here is a little piece of heaven, enjoy.
"Good Morning Beautiful" by Steve Holy.

And just because I'm feeling sappy....
Yes, makes me want to dance around in my underwear... (and pull you in for a good kiss babe, 8 days a week!)

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Abby said...

i love music too. this may be the first thing you have blogged about that i agree with you on. see? we really are related!!