Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tell Me Something Good

I am ashamed to admit that until I got a text from Mom late this afternoon I had forgotten what November 15th means to me and my family. One year ago today I sat at LifeFlight and at 6:15ish AM, I got a request to fly on a gun shot wound at a local Village Inn, we were cancelled and I didn't think anything more. I was almost half way home and I got a phone call from a hockey volunteer, "I don't know if you have been watching the news," he said, "but it's Ken."

Todd said he had been trying to get ahold of my parents but couldn't, I told him I would tell them. I immediately started calling my parents cell phones, alternating between the two as they didn't answer. I started to cry, then sob, then I became hysterical as I barreled down the highway at almost 100 mph and was still trying to get one of my parents to answer the darn phone.

Finally Poppa picked up, I was sobbing, I couldn't breathe. All I could say was, "Poppa, Ken's dead. Ken was killed, someone shot him. He's dead!"

The day continued, we called a team meeting and told the team. I remember when they walked in and I couldn't say anything. They could tell I had been crying but they all came in and sat down, waiting to be filled in on what could have caused the need for an Emergency Team Meeting. I heard one of the boys say, "Sara can't quit cleaning, that means its something bad."

It was bad. We missed him a lot that season. I wasn't used to seeing him day in and day out, so sometimes I just feel like he has been out of town for a long time. But I have felt the emptiness he left behind, especially in my Poppa. He was my Poppa's best friend.... I know he misses him terribly.

Today I got a text from Mom, "Pray for Ken today." I noticed the date.... November 15th, Ken's day... Then I got another text, "Pray for your Poppa."

I know Ken is in a better place. I know he misses us and he wishes he could comfort those here who love and miss him... But who really needs the prayers is Poppa. I know he longs for a friend that he enjoys like Ken. He misses the fun they had together and the connection they had.

Ken's personality was supportive, upbeat, encouraging, motivating... he always went a hundred miles per hour. He would always say, "Tell me something good!" Well Ken, something good.... Your influence and example. That was something good. I still think about you and how you would handle things, how things would be if you were here. I think about my Poppa and how much he misses you.

Thanks Ken, for everything... Be strong Poppa, we love you! Another good thing... Friendships like yours and Ken's don't end, they simply are put on hold for a little while till you are reunited.

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