Thursday, November 20, 2008

Give to the World and the World Gives Back -- In COLDPLAY TICKETS!!!

So, all that good energy I have been trying to put out into the universe has paid off...

Yesterday I was stalking facebook (as always... especially while being sick) and I see that one of my friends from long ago had a new status post: "Riley is stuck in Canada with an expired passport, therefore lowerbowl tickets to Coldplay concert in SLC are half price." I quickly posted on his wall, "Call me, re: coldplay tickets."

Well, he called... rattled off a horrendous story about being stuck in Canada without a passport to let him back into the states... and then quoted me a price. I told him I would call him right back, sought approval for my purchase from Owen and Emily and quickly called him back.
He answered "Hello?"
I answered "SOLD!!!"

I was so excited I couldn't lay back down to sleep. I quickly texted SneakAttack and told him to call me ASAP when he was done with class... Because of course he was going with me, he didn't have any choice in the matter. :) I got in the hottub, that usually calms me down... I tried to fall asleep, it didn't work.
I eventually dosed off and SneakAttack calls, finally done with class... I squeeked out a tired sounding "Hi!"
He says, "What's up? You ok? How you feeling?"
"I'm feeling good!! I'm stoked, you will never believe!! Well, um... how was class? Things good? (Trying to be polite)"
He is confused..."Yeah, class was good. WHAT'S UP?"
So I say... "You better not have plans Saturday night, but if you do you are cancelling them. You don't have plans do you? Saturday? Do you?...... (no answer)"
Finally I get, "No, nothing I can think of.... Why?"
And low and behold, he is excited... apparently he enjoys Coldplay as well... and we have sweet tickets!!!
(Thanks Riley, sorry you are stuck in Canada.....)

So, COLDPLAY HERE WE COME! I have been listening to Coldplay all morning... I remember going to their concert at Red Rocks Ampitheater (my favorite venue of all time) in Colorado in June of 2002 - it was AMAZING. It was probably the best concert I have ever been to, top 2 for sure.... They sound great live, awesome music, supurb atmosphere, fantastic presentation, etc, etc, etc...
Can't wait!!! (have fun with the playlist!! You won't be disappointed) (Someone else's take on Coldplay)


Abby said...

you know, one of these days i am going to post about all these awesome fun things i am doing and you are going to go 'oh shoot, i have to stay home with the kids. that sounds really fun. i wish i could do something like that."


but i am exciteed for you.

Miss Sara said...

Oh Abs, Just remember... all your kids will be gone when you are 40!!! And yes, I will be at home with vomiting children thinking "Dang, I'm so jealous of Abby... I remember when I used to get to do fun things like that..." Everything has a time and a place Abs...
Don't worry, I'll sing something at the top of my lungs for you. Maybe I'll even wave my cellphone like a lighter... just for you :)