Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Grocery Store on Thanksgiving Eve = Your local UFC Cage Fight

I'm excited for Thanksgiving. The food will be delicious; most of these dishes are things that we only eat during Thanksgiving.

But what I'm REALLY excited for is shopping for all this food. I'm ready to throw elbows, be snappy with people in my way and run over the heels of slow indecicive walkers.

The first memory I have of Thanksgiving shopping was in Walla Walla. Mom sent me to the store for low-fat sourcream, Land-o-Lakes brand (thats the only kind that dosen't taste low-fat). My barely 16 year-old self arrives and parks in the back 40 of the parking lot, the place was packed. I only needed sour cream, so I pass by the carts and start into the bustling mass chaos grocery store. I head straight for the sour cream isle. There are people (and their overflowing carts) all over the place. I start to navigate the maze of carts to slide between everyone to reach out and take the LAST CONTAINER of Land-0-Lakes low-fat sour cream. Right as my fingertips grasp the container some crazy ass blue haired grandma reaches for the last one... well, she didn't get it. I did! (mwahaha) So, she proceeds to say, "Um, I was going to take that." I said, "Sorry" and turned to slide my way back out throught the maze of people and carts. (The frantic energy in the store had already taught me, this isn't a time to be hospitible and giving). She reaches out and grabs my arm and says in a more forceful 'I'm the Grandma and you should give it to me' voice, "I need that sour cream."

Now, please remember that I am usually a fan of Grandmothers. They are usually smart and kind, loving and great contributors to society and children's lives alike. But... In this case I got the impression that this blue-haired terrorist thought it was ok to send me home without sour cream just because she was the elder and therefore should get first pick of the dismal sour cream selection.... Come on Grandma, survival of the fittest... I was faster, stronger, quicker, more nimble. Besides, if I go home and try to face my mother without this sour cream I very well may lose my life...

I simply replied, "So do I" and quickly manuvered my way back through the maze to go stand in a 45 min line to buy my one container of sour cream.

That was my first of many run ins on Thanksgiving Eve. One of my families glorious qualities is procrastination and last minute preparation. Therefore, we are usually those crazy ones out shopping for Thanksgiving dinner Wednesday evening. Thank goodness we are tough and fiesty.

Once again it's almost Thanksgiving and I know that Mom and Poppa will probably start making calls tomorrow evening (Wednesday Evening - aka Thanksgiving Eve) making Thanksgiving assignments. I am guessing I will probably get my famous Sausage Apple Stuffing and mashed potatoes (like last year). You would think that I would have tried to shop for everything by now, but instead I'm at work thinking that sometime late tomorrow night I should be able to get a quick list together and go brave the crowds.

I am planning ahead however. I have decided I am going to work out before I go, just to get the blood pumping. I might even tape on some tin-foil. (ask a hockey player if you aren't sure what that means). I most definately will be in my nikes and have my money/card in my pocket - purses just get in the way. I will probably listen to a little "game day music" on my way over, something like Metallica or Hell's Bells. I'll also put on my best "don't mess with me, its Thanksgiving Eve and I'm in a hurry" face.

But, Grandma's and Zoobies alike, beware.... I have a list and I'm willing to do what it takes to make sure I get all those ingredients so I can go home and LOVINGLY prepare a delicious feast for my family.

All in the "Spirit of the Season." :)


gg said...

okOh the sausage and apple stuffing was soooo good, I just had some for breakfast!

gg said...

another thing? Where did you get the boxing grannies???