Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas update... better late than never.

We had multiple "Christmas Day's" in our family this year.... Christmas with my family before we left for Idaho, Christmas with Sam's family in Idaho and then Christmas at home with the baby girl when we got back.

This is what we came home to!! (Thanks Steph for helping us with that and thanks Mom and Pops for watching the dogs so they didn't eat anything!) :)

Olivia was spoiled rotten, but she got really excited over her "round sprite"

The dogs (Max and Porter) "gave" her this HUGE stuffed puppy. She sleeps with this thing now, literally sleeps on top of it. I'm not sure why she even has pillows on her bed anymore. It's so soft and cuddly! When it's time for a nap or bedtime she wants her blanket, pink milk in her sippy (gotta love strawberry quik) and this huge dog.

She got all the workings of a grown up purse... wallet, princess cell phone, flashlight, chapstick and keys. She takes it everywhere and always wants to swipe her credit cards.

We wrapped all the stuff seperately and when she opened the keys first she looked at them, then looked at Sam and I and said, "You got me a car for Christmas?!?!?" Yeah, she's three. hahaha.

Sam finally got his afaghan. He would look longingly at the one I was making for his Mom everytime I worked on it. I gave in and now this thing never leaves his side. He even calls it his woobie. I'm starting to get jealous, it gets more snuggle time than I do.

The baby girl also got a chest full of dress up clothes. Ladies and Gentleman, I now present to you...... SNOW WHITE.

Merry Christmas..... we had a great time. I hope you all did as well, Love you!

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