Sunday, January 24, 2010

Being Productive

Yesterday I got this sent to me, apparently she did the whole driveway by herself while Sam scraped the truck.

The first day I was gone she asked me to come home, the second day she said she would share her goldfish crackers if I came home, yesterday she threatened to punch me if I didn't come home.... luckily today I get to tell her that when she wakes up in the morning I will be there.

My sweet little three-year-old dosen't understand why I have to be at work for so long, even if her and Dad are having a lot of fun, eating way too much junk food and buying wayyyy too many toys. :)

I've tried to make the most of my time here. Yesterday I finished my 32 page literature review for my thesis proposal. Today I need to start piecing together the actual proposal and maybe, with a lot of luck and hard work, get it sent off.....

This morning I woke up and immediately smiled, for me it's one more day till I get home. A long day, but still one day. I won't sleep in that hotel bed again..... I loaded my stuff on the bus and the clothes I have on my back are the ones that will be there when I walk through the door at home.

I immediately looked out the window, clear skies.... not TOTALLY clear, but I can see blue!! Not totally clouds either!! I think we might be in business folks.

It took 10.5 hours to get here. The crazy bus driver said it will take 8 to get home if we have good roads..... pray for good roads.

We get out of here as soon as we are done racing, probably around three.... which puts us at the school at 11 and me home by midnight!! EEk!! I almost squeal out loud just saying that!!

Hopefully the little one is in bed, or at least asleep so we can put her in bed.... Of course I miss her TONS; but I'm thinking a good kiss on the head and a reunion in the morning sounds delightful. I want Sam all to myself tonight. :)

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gg said...

I LOVE how Olivia's cowboy boots are on backwards!