Monday, April 26, 2010


On Saturday I got my first sunburn of the year.....

Summer is here. It's officially started.

I realized that with my new "step-mom" status I need to add sunscreen to the purse. I've already made the addition of fruitsnacks, wipes, hand sanitizer, crackers and some random small toy at any given time -- and now I have added sunscreen.

We spent the entire weekend outside - which was AWESOME - and we all got some good color. Thank goodness the girls take after their Dad and just get "more tan" as long as we aren't in the sun for some rediculously long time. I'm the one that pinks up first, but it's a good warning to get sunscreen on the girls.

I'll admit, we all look pretty cute with pink on our cheeks and Sam and I have some great sunglasses tans going on....

This weekend we also talked about season passes to the waterpark... It's official, SUMMER IS HERE!!

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