Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Graveyard Shifts

A lot of people think that working the graveyard shift ruins your life.

I worked it for five years, Sam works it now, and let me tell you - it has it's benefits.

I loved working it during the summer when I got to sleep by the side of the pool and wake up with a great tan every day (or sometimes a slight burn depending on how hard I slept. haha)

I love the fact that yesterday I left to run errands, Sam got up and ran a few while I was still out, we met for lunch, ran a few more together, took the dogs out for a walk, got in the hottub, and still had about another hour together before he left for work. That kind of stuff just dosen't happen when you work the day shift.

I will admit, I miss sleeping next to him; weekends alone isn't enough. I do get a bit scared sometimes when Sam instinctually says, "Don't forget to lock the door" when he leaves and then Max keeps barking ALL night long. It is a bummer when every other Sunday night Sam takes the girls to their mom's and he goes to work... and I go from an incredibly full house to an empty and quiet one in a matter of minutes.

Yet, overall, graveyards seem to work for us.

After days like yesterday they don't seem so bad.... in fact, they kind of seem like a blessing. There are few things that I enjoy more than galavanting around town on a sunny afternoon, feeling cute and being with my Babe.

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becky said...

I think couples can make whatever schedule work as long as they both want it to. It is all about attitude. It sounds like you guys have the right attitude about it.