Wednesday, April 7, 2010


It's spring and I'm missing getting my hands dirty. It's the time of year to be putting seeds or seedlings in the ground and starting the process of watching the fruits of your labor come alive, literally.

Last year I found a way to put vegi plants in with my flowerbeds and I LOVED it. I LOVED being able to get fresh vegis from the yard and I really enjoyed watching them grow.

This year we are going to be moving shortly and it just isn't worth it to plant vegis for whoever comes along next. I'm missing the whole process though. I'm feeling the itch to get my hands dirty.
I need to clean out my flowerbeds and spruce things up a little bit so the house shows well; but I'll be honest, I'm having a hard time getting motivated to work on something that I won't be able to enjoy throughout the summer.
Uggh... maybe I just need to plant containers that I can take with me.... that's probably the solution.
Ok, that's probably it. Maybe I'll get started on that soon.


becky said...

i have been helping in my dad's garden I really wish i had enough yard to do my own. Even raised beds would be great. One day. Are you buying a new house?

Miss Sara said...

Hey Becky,
yeah... we will be moving to SLC as soon as we get this house sold. Both of my jobs, as well as Sam's job, are in SLC. The commute is killing us. Especially with Sam's truck going up there five times a week..... I guess it's time for an upgrade. :) I just keep telling myself that I get to do flowerbeds all over again, which is both exciting and agonizing all at the same time. haha