Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Today I was coming out of the post office and an old, tiny, adorable hispanic woman approached me. She uncurled a crumpled paper that said, "Tamales, $1 each", and listed the kinds she offered (chicken, chicken w/ mole, pork or cheese) and that they would be delivered on Saturday.

She looked at me with those gorgeous eyes and wrinkled face and shrugged her shoulders to ask, "Would you like some of these delicious tamales?"

I thought for a minute and remembered that I was once advised to never pass up a lady like this.... no doubt they will be INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS, but she is probably just trying to get by.

I smiled and said, "Yes!" and nodded. She handed me her notebook and I added my name, address, phone number and order to the list.

Saturday I am getting 8 chicken tamales and 4 pork tamales.


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